Window dressing takes on new meaning

Window Dressers are helping members of their congregation save energy and money.

Is it REALLY “Window Dressing?” Window Dressing is a profession wherein individuals organize displays in storefront windows to attract customers. It’s also a dismissive phrase sometimes used to describe a less than authentic effort to promote an item or service. In our church Window Dressing has an entirely different meaning.

What started as a church effort to build thermal window inserts by Dusty Batley, Dick Cadwgan and Alan Athearn to save heating fuel and increase the comfort level in our sanctuary (it did help, with other improvements to reduce fuel consumption by 25%)… became a project to build energy saving windows for 20 families – many of them church members. More than 200 thermal windows were built. This year the “Window Dressing” project has turned into a major outreach effort of the church with the goal of building inserts for 100 primarily low income families. Frank Mundo and Dick Cadwgan are spearheading the effort to recruit “build teams”. A major “marketing” effort is underway with display tables and brochures to be placed in areas where low income folk are likely to see them. (see picture) This winter is shaping up to be a “Perfect Storm… of OPPORTUNITY.” Oil prices are up from $2.70 to $3.60 a gallon, unemployment is high and there a very real threat to the continuation of fuel assistance subsidies in Maine. We are actively seeking willing hands to help us – here in our own church, in other local churches, and local service organizations. Two of the three committed Build Shops are in First Universalist homes. So this is a community “home grown” outreach project of the Church.

This Cool Congregations story was submitted by First Universalist Church, Rockland, Maine

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