Start-up Kit for Congregations

Use this online kit to learn how to become a Cool Congregation. Each page, or step, will guide and inform your efforts. Interfaith Power & Light is mobilizing a religious response to global warming in congregations through the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate-friendly grounds, water conservation, and inspiring people at home and in the community. Join the movement!

Form a Team

They go by many names: green team, stewardship council, environmental task force, sustainability group, eco-group, Creation care team.  Your congregation may already have one, in which case, you will need to bring this idea to them. If not, you can form your own team. Here are some. . . learn more

Write a Mission Statement

After you have found or formed your team, sit down together to reflect on why your congregation would like to become a Cool Congregation. Your goal is to create your team’s “mission statement”. Caring for Creation and the climate as acts of faithful stewardship is a relatively. . . learn more

Find Inspiration > Quick Picks

Cool Congregations are united by their concern about climate change. Cool Congregations find unique expression from place to place. IPL continually gathers success stories of what others have done to provide inspiration for those who are considering where to start.   Energy Efficiency St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lakewood,. . . learn more


25 Steps Under $25

Getting started in the process of transforming your home or house of worship into a greener space may seem overwhelming. But there are many easy steps you can take that make a big difference. We’ve collected a few “cool” ideas for starting out on the path of. . . learn more

FInd Help in Your State

Your state affiliate can guide you Interfaith Power & Light is a national organization with affiliates in 40 states, including Greater Washington. Click on your state below to learn about the local resources and programs to assist you on your path to becoming a Cool Congregation. If. . . learn more

Congregational Calculator

The Cool Congregations calculator was specifically designed with the house of worship in mind. It will help you to measure your congregations energy use, or “carbon footprint” so that you can quickly see what areas of improvement will yield the biggest energy savings. The calculator will also. . . learn more

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