Start-up Kit for Households

People of faith across the country are working to address climate change in their own homes through the Cool Congregations household program. In the process, they are saving hundreds of dollars a year. Cool Congregations is a stewardship program designed to help individuals work with other members of their congregation in caring for Creation by reducing their personal greenhouse gas emissions. The best way to begin a Cool Congregations Household program in your faith community is to get a good grasp of the process by measuring your own carbon footprint, making a pledge to reduce it, and joining with the other members of your green team who are interested in doing the same thing. Follow these steps to success!

Message from Founder

Dear Friends, My two friends and I started the Cool Congregations Earth Stewardship Program for Households when we heard about a proposed coal power plant in our neighboring town of Waterloo, Iowa in 2007. As people of faith and mothers concerned about our children’s future, we felt. . . learn more

Form Your Team

They go by many names: green team, stewardship council, environmental task force, sustainability group, eco-group, Creation care team. Your congregation may already have one, in which case, you will need to bring this idea to them. If not, you can form your own team. Here are some. . . learn more

Write Your Mission Statement

After you have found or formed your team, sit down together to reflect on why your congregation would like to become a Cool Congregation. Your goal is to create your team’s “mission statement”. Caring for Creation and the climate as acts of faithful stewardship are relatively new. . . learn more

25 Steps to Start

With your green team assembled, it’s time to “walk the talk” by lowering your own carbon footprint at home. Use IPL’s Cool Congregations Household Calculator to gain a better sense of your carbon footprint and what changes can bring about the greatest reductions. Some take this step. . . learn more

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