Small church big heart

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s energy conservation program ranges from tiny one-volt batteries to kilowatt readings on the electrical meter. St. Paul’s is an EPA Energy Star Congregation and is following suggestions from EPA and Interfaith Power and Light for remodeling, measuring energy use, reducing our footprint, and spreading the conservation message. St. Paul’s made improvements […]

Clean and green

Our Cool Congregations Green Team at St. John Lutheran has had several opportunities to inform our congregation members of ways to “go green”. We have put informational displays in our church atrium this past year based on a seasonal calendar. In October, we had a Halloween-themed display about becoming a “vampire slayer” by eliminating Vampire […]

Reducing household carbon footprint

Tending the Garden of Eden or Curbing Climate Change; “And the Lord God placed man in the Garden of Eden to till and to tend it.” Genesis 2:15 Over one third of Congregation Beth Shalom’s households have reduced their energy use by at least one seventh and/or reduced their carbon footprint to significantly less than […]

Window dressing takes on new meaning

Is it REALLY “Window Dressing?” Window Dressing is a profession wherein individuals organize displays in storefront windows to attract customers. It’s also a dismissive phrase sometimes used to describe a less than authentic effort to promote an item or service. In our church Window Dressing has an entirely different meaning. What started as a church […]

The greener side of life

Federated Community Church in Flagstaff, AZ has a history of being very intentional about environmental stewardship. In addition to gaining congregational support for energy efficiency improvements (and solar panels, a project currently underway) at the church building itself, the church has hosted and sponsored many programs that have raised awareness about climate change and actions […]

Sustainable urban oasis

The Vestry of Grace Episcopal Church in Chattanooga approved a plan to revitalize our 2-acre grounds using sustainable landscaping practices, believing the grounds embody our relationship with the natural world and should provide an urban oasis for all life, for the greater glory of God. Grace is situated on a corner of two busy roads in […]

Eyesore lot to lush garden

St. Michael’s Green Committee received permission to beautify a corner lot that adjoins our property and which had become an eyesore in recent years. Once permission was granted, parishioners trimmed trees and brush, picked up garbage, tilled the ground and prepared it for planting. Nehemiah Project youth helped. The Green Committee chose to work in […]

Zero waste events

St. Mary of the Hills is a small Episcopal Church located in the quaint village of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Our church is home to a diverse congregation of 300 folks made up of both year-round and seasonal people. Throughout priest changes and membership changes, a core group of parishioners has been determinedly steadfast in […]

Pumpkins for composting

“You care for the land and water it; you enrich it abundantly.” (Psalms 65:9) “When they had all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, “Gather the pieces that are left over. Let nothing be wasted.” (John 6:12) Every year, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church has a pumpkin sale in October. It is […]

Building a Solar Community

MCC in the Valley decided to go green; we started raising $3000 for solar panels, even with state and federal rebates. We received a call from Broadstreet Energy, where they gave us the opportunity of a 20-year lease option, paying 60% of our annual electric bill. The Board brought the proposal to the congregation. We […]