Portfolio Manager

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the Environmental Protection Agency’s free, online data management tool that helps facilities managers and/or home owners track and measure a building’s energy use. This program is not an Interfaith Power & Light program, however, many congregations use it.

Portfolio Manager is recommended for congregations with someone on staff or in a volunteer capacity who is web / tech-savvy. It can calculate the energy intensity of a particular building while taking into account changes in weather. Comparisons are made with other buildings of the same type, same building material and age to establish a national “average”. Once a baseline is established with the data for your building, Portfolio Manager can perform various calculations and generate reports that “rate” your building, determine the percent energy use reduction per year, and track progress towards your goals. ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager classifies major commercial building types, such as hospitals, schools, houses of worship or congregations, restaurants, industrial space, etc.

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