Building a Solar Community

MCC in the Valley decided to go green; we started raising $3000 for solar panels, even with state and federal rebates. We received a call from Broadstreet Energy, where they gave us the opportunity of a 20-year lease option, paying 60% of our annual electric bill. The Board brought the proposal to the congregation. We leased 80 solar panels that covered our cost but used extra funds to purchase an additional 10 panels.

On December 10, 20100, we held a public blessing of the installation of the solar panels with Los Angeles Council Member Tom of LaBonge and our denominational founder, Rev. Troy Perry. The event was broadcast via the web to our denomination. It is archived at In a press release, Rev Dr. Robert Shore-Goss noted, “Several years ago, we made the Earth a member of our church, and we now are extending pastoral care one of our members—the Earth ravaged from human indifference and reckless exploitation. MCCV Going Green sends a message to our neighbors and to the LGBT community that we care about the Earth and global warming and that we can include eco-justice as one of our main justice concerns. We believe in human rights for LGBT folks but also environmental justice for the Earth.”

We were connected to grid May 26, 2011, and each day we generate more power than the churches uses. MCCV is committed to recruit other faith communities. So far we have recruited two local Unitarian Universalist Churches and a ELCA Lutheran Church. And we are in dialogue with a neighborhood Southern Baptist Church how to go to solar though our communities are theologically opposed on LGBT issues but share the same Earth. With California Interfaith Power Light, we hosted a solar night with 10 faith communities and some two-dozen residents with three solar panel vendors.

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