Emmanuel United Methodist Church

Laurel, MD
Certified Cool Congregation, 30% carbon reduction

Emmanuel United Methodist Church is operating on 100% renewable energy, without solar, or wind on their premises. They have reduced their carbon footprint 30%, and the 70 tons of CO2 that went along with it annually. How did they do this? They were part of Interfaith Power & Light (DC, MD NoVA) and Groundswell’s program which brought together many non-profit organizations and faith communities to purchase clean renewable energy, thus getting a group rate (and saving money).

In addition, several projects of energy efficiency and conservation were implemented to reduce demand. One such project was a lighting upgrade to more energy efficient bulbs, which approximately 30 of the congregants helped to fund through their commitment of switching their homes to wind sourced power which generated donations to the church. It is the mission of Emmanuel’s Green Team to guide the congregations on a path to greater environmental responsibility through education and ecologically-sustainable practices that recognize stewardship of God’s Creation. They are motivated by their mission statement and the call to take action on climate change. “Witnessing the great work that Interfaith Power and Light offers faith based communities, keeps us inspired and active in educating and promoting sustainable lifestyles.”


Buying wind-energy helped Emmanuel reduce its carbon footprint 30%

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